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How to prepare your job interview

Most people spend a lot of energy in their job research, trying to be sure they are dressed appropriate for the position and their resume is perfect, but this is only the first step. But after that to many make the mistake of not being really prepared for the interview. So the key to succeed in a job interview is PREPARATION.

When you prepare your job interview you must keep in mind this to rules:

  • RULE 1: companies are in business to make money though sales and to be economically efficient. Therefore, when you prepare or write answers on your CV about your work experience, you must always think of productivity, money and achievements.
  • RULE 2: companies want to make as much money as possible in a very short time. That is why you have to think of procedures, management, organisations and goals.

Before starting preparing you for the job interview try to fond out what type of interview uses the company in the selection process. There are 10 types of interview:

  1. Telephone interview: the company objective using this type of interview is to reject any applicants that do not meet the qualifications for the job. You need to be ready to answer questions fully over the telephone and have a copy of resume in front of you.
  2. One-on-One interview: the recruiter asks the same questions of every applicant. Follow their lead, listen carefully and answer questions fully.
  3. Behavioral Interviews: in this type of interview general questions are been asked about candidate’s strengths or weaknesses.
  4. Panel or Board Interviews: in a panel or board interview, you will encounter several individuals representing the company (the head of HR, the department head where you will work, your future co-workers). They usually are searching skills for teamwork.
  5. Lunch or Breakfast Interviews: this type of interview is used to attempt you feel more relaxed, but questions are not more or less difficult. Use good table manners as well as all your other etiquette.
  6. Group Interviews: in a group interview several candidates are questioned at the same time to determine whether you are a leader or a follower and if you are a “team player”.
  7. Stress Interviews: is typically used for positions where you are facing stress on the job. The recruiter objective is to see how ell you can handle pressure. He will try to stress you in one o several ways, acting rude or sarcastic.
  8. Serial or Follow-up Interviews: when the employers make more than one interview.
  9. The case interview: during a case interview, the recruiter will ask you to analyze, identify key business issues and discuss how you would address the problems solved.
  10. Video interview: are often used to prequalify candidates before determinate whether the employer would like to bring them for a second interview.

If you could found out the company’s type of interview it will be easier for you to adapt the next themes that you must prepare:

  1. Your portrait in chronological order
  2. Your work experience: jobs, internships, vision about you carrier
  3. Explain the reasons of your professional and scholar choices
  4. Detail your proven competences and skills
  5. Your vision of team
  6. Your expectations about the company and your superiors
  7. Expectations about the job you applied and the company
  8. what your family circle thinks about your job
  9. Personal skills and behavioural pattern
  10. Strengths, Weaknesses
  11. Personal extracurricular activities, interests and hobbies
  12. Vision about the world and the social-economical news
  13. Short average and long term projects
  14. Reflection about your professional carrier
  15. Knowledge and skills in Quality approach
  16. Salary expectation
  17. Place yourself into the situation for the position you have to applied for
  18. Reflection about the interview and the procedure involved.


Vasilica Maria Margalina

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