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Job Interview: Tips that can help you to succeed

In the post  how-to-prepare-your-job-interview I was talking about the different types of interviews and the themes one should prepare before attending the interview. Now, in this post I would give some tips and advice that could help you to succeed in your job interview.

You have to bring with you the following materials:

  • At least 5 copies of your CV. There is the possibility that in your ob interview will be present more than one person.
  • The Cover Letter, at least 5 copies.
  • 2 pencils and a bloc notes. Is very useful to have your bloc notes and write down key words of interviews questions and affirmation. This can help you to answer interviewer’s questions using his/her own words and also to escape from some seconds from the contact eye with your interlocutor.
  • Recommendation Letter, at least 5 copies.
  • The Business Card (this depending on the ob you applied for and your profession)
  • Diplomas
  • Identity Card
  • The invitation for the interview.

First contact: welcome attitude

You have to wait to be invited in before entering in the place where the interview will take place. You must wait to the interviewer’s initiative to shake his hand. If he doesn’t do it renounce to this gesture. Then present your self, wait for the other person to present herself.

After being invited to sit down use a position similar to one that appears in the photo below. If your body is slightly moved to the right or left, while sitting, it will help you to control the eye contact.

During the interview

During the interview, when you are speaking you have to take care of the content, voice and body language. In the communication process the content has an importance of 7%, the voice about 38% and the body language 55%. Take notes, use short sentences when you answer and never speak when the interviewer is speaking.

Pay attention to non-verbal behaviours:

  • Look for eye contact as is culturally appropriate
  • Note the person’s posture: sitting up straight, slouching arms crossed or uncrossed.
  • Note the person’s facial expression
  • Note the person’s breathing.

Try to not use interview’s office to put your things on it because you invade his/her space.

To let know the recruiter you are with him, you have to:

  1. Face the recruiter
  2. Adopt an open posture: Keep arms uncrossed
  3. Work to maintain body language that encourage communication
  4. Maintain good eye contact: is good to look the person in the triangle that is formed between the eyes front and nose.
  5. Avoid distracting the recruiter: take care of your physical behaviour: don’t fiddle with a pen, don’t play with your car keys, and don’t wring your hands. This indicates inattention.
  6. Learn to be comfortable with lapses and in the conversation or periods of silence. Being silent provides you with opportunities to observe the other person and to think about what has been said.
  7. Listen carefully to what speaker says, pick up the key words in any information and clarify by asking questions.

In the next post I’ll complete the information about the ob interview and I’ll speak about positive communication and how you should answer to the recruiter’s questions.

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