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Bodegas Campo Viejo

As I promised in my previous entry, Visit to Bodegas López Herredia, in this post I’ll describe my experience to the other winery, which we visited during our trip to La Rioja.

As I said in my previous post, Bodegas Campo Viejo is just the opposite winery compared with the traditional Bodegas López Heredia. And we can feel it as soon as we arrive in front of the modern architectural winery.

Bodegas Campo Viejo is the most modern winery in La Rioja, and is located just few miles from Logroño, capital of the region.

We had nice walk to the winery, because in order to get there you have to cross part of the vineyard. As soon as you enter in the modern building we get in touch with the smell of new, especially new wood.  When you enter in the winery you are welcomed by the person, who will join you in the tour. You can have the tour in English or in Spanish.

At the ground floor you find the reception and the restaurant. After finishing the itinerary through the winery you can have a great meal at the restaurant. And if you don’t go there in winter, as we did, you can eat on a nice terrace with great views to the vineyards.

 - Bodegas Campo Viejo (La Rioja)

Underground, you find the others areas of the winery. I was impressed by the modernity and the dimensions of Bodegas Campo Viejo. The winery can produce 21 millions litters of wine and can store 6 millions bottles of wine.

You can check my affirmations in this video made by Jimmy Pons.

For Spanish speakers I recommend to check out too the review and photos of Tirso Maldonado on Trav Buddy Bodega Juan Alcorta Reviews.

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